POOL MOON ELEPHANT is the name under which the Swiss electronic music duo composed of Riccardo Studer and Ivan Nurchis, has decided to undertake a creative journey to the electronic world of music and animation. 

Both with a long experience in audio-visuals, working for film and TV productions on different positions, and an interlude between 2000 and 2004 producing Lounge and Broken Beats music within the Invisible Recordings label, in 2015 Ivan and Riccardo decide to collect the various experiences had so far, set up the POOL MOON ELEPHANT and start creating sound and image, with the desire not to focus on a specific genre but to experiment all electronic styles. Their symbol of freedom and strength is a little elephant.

The project and the name POOL MOON ELEPHANT originate in a full moon night on Bali island. It’s three in the morning and Ivan is dreaming in his bedroom. In his reverie he sees a young elephant approaching the swimming pool located right outside his room. The vision is so powerful and energetic that Ivan suddenly wakes up with the belief that the dream has an important message to convey. That very instant originates the POOL MOON ELEPHANT and seals the time to join Ivan and Riccardo’s forces and previous experiences to start a new adventure.

Thus are born the POOL MOON ELEPHANT: from the desire of two close friends, Riccardo and Ivan, which soon involve in their project more friends from different disciplines and backgrounds.

In 2016 the POOL MOON ELEPHANT release their debut Ep UNEXPECTED IMPERFECTIONS and the animated music video of the Single TOUCHÉ.

The next step is the Ep WELCOME TO FOKKER: METAPOP REMIXES – in collaboration with the DJs and producers Lorenzo Molinari (France), Side Project (UK), Sins Of Love (Canada) and Stereonetic (Germany). This second EP is released the same week of the animated music video of the Single WELCOME TO FOKKER.

In April  2017 the POOL MOON ELEPHANT released the Single, ISLAND’S EYE – including a Radio Edit, two Remixes and ISLAND’S EYE animated music video, while in June 2017 they released their new Ep FLUKY ISLAND.

They are now working on new remixes and tracks for 2018.

The POOL MOON ELEPHANT are known for the diversity of their music, which combines various dance music styles with pop influences from the 80s and the 90s, and for their aesthetic vision that blends animation with their image.