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POOL MOON ELEPHANT is the name under which the Swiss duo composed of Riccardo Studer and Ivan Nurchis has decided to undertake a creative journey through the world of electronic music and animation.

Known for the diversity of their music, POOL MOON ELEPHANT combine various dance music styles with pop influences from the 80s and the 90s. Their aesthetic vision blends their image with animation.

The POOL MOON ELEPHANT debut EP UNEXPECTED IMPERFECTIONS was released in Autumn 2016, together with the animated music video TOUCHÉ. Next they released the EP WELCOME TO FOKKER: METAPOP REMIXES – in collaboration with DJs and producers from France, UK, Canada and Germany – together with the animation music video WELCOME TO FOKKER.

In 2017 they released the Single ISLAND’S EYE – including a radio edit, two remixes and ISLAND’S EYE music video, followed by the EP FLUKY ISLAND.

The EP UNEXPECTED EGOFRIENDLY was then released in collaboration with DJs and producers coming from Germany, France and Ukraine.

In 2018 the POOL MOON ELEPHANT, in collaboration with British producer Side Project, launched the Electro-Dub EP SIDE PROJECT MEETS POOL MOON ELEPHANT, whose revenues fully go to sustain the music school Quarteirão da Musica in São Paulo, Brazil.

At this time the POOL MOON ELEPHANT are recording new tracks, working together with Japanese pop singer Mikuro Mika.

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